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X Unique Kitchen Decor Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Are you willing to create a kitchen decor that no one has seen before? Well, we can help.

What you need to keep in mind for a unique decor is to prioritise quality over everything else, and style, charm and elegance will follow suit. 

A trendy decor is easy to curate for your kitchen, but sometimes functionality and utility gets lost in the way. Not to mention, the high prices that you have to pay for things which look pretty but solve no purpose for you.

To turn your dull-looking kitchen into a well-designed space, we present you a list of decor ideas that will make even your tiny kitchen highly functional. Take a look!

  • The Right Kind of Cabinets

Don’t let the size of your kitchen limit your imagination. The first step to making your small kitchen highly practical is to install cabinets. 

Since it’s a small space, smartness is vital! Use floating cabinets wherever possible or choose doubled cabinets to use your idle space efficiently. You can also install a cabinet above the stove for ease of use. 

  • Mirror Splashbacks

Next up are the splashbacks. However, for our kitchen design in Brisbane, we are focusing on mirror splashbacks.

A mirror splashback not only gives the decor a luxurious look but also creates the illusion of more extensive space. 

If you are feeling adventurous, you can also use reflective surfaces such as stainless steel to create movement patterns, again giving the illusion of a bigger space. 

  • Light Colour Scheme

The lighter the colour, the better.

Light shades tend to make any room seem broader look and even more when clubbed with the right lighting.

For your kitchen design in Brisbane, choose a nude palette and see the wonders that it creates for your kitchen space. Club it with an accent shade for a little pop of colour. 

  • Multipurpose Furniture

What can be a better way to utilise your small space than multipurpose kitchen furniture? 

Invest in a kitchen benchtop design which can be converted into the dining area. You can install a movable bar counter also, which not only looks elegant but also ensures ease of movement. 

Do not forget the appliances that are sitting on your countertops all the time. Install an appliance cabinet where you can tuck them away when not in use. 

  • Display Your Utensils

Another trick to keep your kitchen highly functional is by installing open shelves. 

Hang several pots from the ceiling for a creative look. You can also create a vertical stand in the entrance for widening the use of available space. 

This way, everything of your daily use will be within reach while you also get to promote “help yourself” ideology for your guests. 

If you are a foodie, then it’s no news that you spend most of your time in your kitchen, trying out new recipes and making your soul happy. Well, in that case, you need an aesthetically pleasing kitchen space which is highly functional and worth showing off on social media. Use these tips and curate the kitchen of your dreams. 

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